The Three Priestresses


Artist Painter

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Evanescent figures, lithe and pliant non-beings, more spirit than matter, who are part of a whimsical world, their looks and gestures merely hinted at, suspended in a time out of time, in an improbable space...
There is a captivating magic there, a lightness of mind in beings aflame, dressed in silken petals, dreaming... after or before suffering...
Everything is a game in this world of warm ochres : hands dance their slender arabesques, impassive faces, infinitely wise, contemplate, without judging, our ways and discover in them a silent melody... In the works of Adrian Jemna, the immortal is found, if not in the body, than at least in a kind of appearance. Unheard sounds, unseen dances, mysterious glimmers... A dream almost awake...
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Adrian Jemna´s paintings seduce through their archetypal, timeless and emblematic qualities. Mysteries arise from the "spiritualization" of reality, maintaining a delicate balance between the rational and emotional, the conscious and the unconscious. Enigmas attract the eye and the soul, waiting to be solved ; not to offer answers, but rather to pose more questions.

Says Adrian Jemna, "I like to add a few drops of mystery to my pigments."

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